Mystes welcomes you to a full day, hands-on workshop in Helsinki with Vasco Duarte. We will explore why software projects fail so often and how we can improve them based on concepts from Chaos Theory.

Why attend?

Chaos is nowadays used to guide many different fields, from the study of the atmosphere to the design of urban transportation networks. This workshop will help you create a modern model for software projects and Knowledge Work in general, and be more successful with agile projects.

Who is it for?

The workshop is suitable for developers, agile team leads, project managers, product owners, and other professionals who want to update their views on agile project work and address common problems associated with adopting agile.

Workshop topics

  • Current theoretical base for managing projects
  • What is wrong with managing software projects today and why?
  • What can we learn from Chaos Theory and how to apply it in real life projects?
  • A model for a successful project using what we have learned from Chaos Theory

Do you have specific questions that intrigue you? Send them to us and we promise to address them during the workshop!


One-day workshop
includes breakfast and lunch

500 € + VAT

May 13th - Tickets available

May 14th - Tickets available

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Foreword from Vasco Duarte

You, like I, probably think that Newton's Laws are Universal. I did, and so did the scientific community until Chaos Theory emerged. Chaos Theory came to be a new form of science—one that looks at the world that is not static, where many aspects can influence the behavior of the atmosphere, for example.

Have you heard of the Butterfly Effect? It actually exists also in your project!

Get to know him

Vasco Duarte is an experienced Product and Project Manager who has a strong background in putting agile methodologies into use for 10 years and counting. He has worked in the software industry since 1997 and led the adoption of agile methods and agile culture in various global companies such as Avira, Nokia and F-Secure.

When off-duty, Vasco is a very active contributor to the discussion and development of the Software Industry in and around agile software development. He is an advocate for renewing the practice of agile software development and puts his efforts in overcoming the biggest problems in agile development.

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Organizer and sponsor

Maija Forsell

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